Tasmania Tour

Tasmania is dubbed "the adventure state". With untouched forests and stunning view from its mountainous terrain, the island offers something different compared to the Australian mainland.

Day 1 - Hobart and Huon Valley

The typical Tasmanian tour starts with an early morning flight from either Melbourne or Sydney. Right after your touchdown at Hobart Airport, explore Richmond, a small village just nearby while having a pie for breakfast. The village was built by Scottish migrants seeking new life Down Under, so you will be taken back in time to the late 1800s. Enjoy the view while you're sipping a cup of coffee.

Continue your day by making your way to Tahune AirWalk, where you can walk on a steel walkway suspended over treetops. For the adventure junkies, you might also want to try airgliding here, floating over the Huon River. The journey to Tahune from Richmond may take a while, but you will not regret the view as your guide drives you through Huon Valley.

Day 2 - Port Arthur

A burnt down prison complex resembling a castle makes an astonishing view. Built by the British when Tasmania was a penal island, Port Arthur has an eerie air, secluding the mysteries around the place. Experience the life of a British convict and hear the accounts of the crimes that sent them here. If you feel that nothing can scare you, stay longer for the Night Ghost Tour. Some say there are things happening after sunset that are... inexplicable.


Day 3 - Bicheno

You've seen the forest, you've seen the valleys, so stretch your legs for a drive to Wineglass Bay. We guarantee you that the 2.5 hour journey is worth the view.


Day 4 - Launceston

The adventure state has more to offer than just Hobart, so we'll drive you to the island's northern coast. Launceston is a city overlooking the Bass Strait, where you can walk over the Cataract Gorge. The gorge is home to more than 70 species of flora, so please your eyes with what Tasmanian flowers have to offer.

If you're looking for something other than natural adventures, you can also visit the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania. The car enthusiasts can explore hundreds of genuine collection in the automotive industry. Or if you're more artistically inclined, you can visit the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery instead. The gallery houses art collections of the Royal Society of Tasmania, dating from early 19th Century.

Day 5 - Cradle Mountain

We will not let you leave Tasmania without exploring the island's highest peak. Not so long ago, the whole mountain was wholly covered in ice, nonetheless the mountain left a view to savour. If you're lucky, look up into the sky after sunset. You may witness the Southern Lights - Aurora Australis here.



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