Winter Tour Package

Winter is coming to Australia. In June.

Here in Down Under, you don't have to wait until December to build a snowman. Experience a chilly June with GPS Travel. Here's our ideal itinerary to make the most of your Melbourne winter trip.

Day 1 - Phillip Island

You've just landed in Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport in the early morning. To shake off the jetlag and get you used to the wintry conditions, we'll begin your trip with a drive to Phillip Island. What better way to welcome you other than watching a group of penguins marching from the sea?

Phillip Island is just 1.5 hours away from Melbourne, a perfect visit for your first day. Just as we cross the bridge into the island, we'll make a brief stop to Panny's Chocolatery. In the cold weather, drinking a cup of hot chocolate here is heavenly.

For a complete guide to our Philip Island itinerary - click here.

Day 2 - City Tour

Yesterday's agenda was quite packed, so we'll turn it down a little bit. You will not want to miss seeing Melbourne's CBD, and that's exactly what we're going to do today. Visit the Federation Square, where you'll see the iconic Flinders Street Station and walk along the alleyway of the graffiti-filled Hosier Lane. Continue to Fitzroy Gardens to pay a visit to the home of Captain James Cook, the famed explorer who discovered much of the Pacific Islands.

When you make your way to the shops at Bourke Street or Southbank DFO, do not miss the cornerstone of Melbourne's lifestyle - Coffee!

Day 3 - Mount Buller

And we've come to the main highlight of your trip. This is why you're here! Get up early, it's going to be quite a long drive.

We'll begin the day with a 3 hour drive towards Mansfield. Situated at the base of Mount Buller, this is where we'll pick up our gear. Make sure you hire a comfortable jacket and a pair of boots to keep yourselves warm on the mountaintop. Get a toboggan too, so you can slide off the snowy slopes later on. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, hire a pair of ski.

When you've arrived at Mount Buller, here's where the fun begins. Grab whatever equipment you've hired, and go nuts! We highly recommend you to hire the dogsled. Feel the thrill as you drive a group of Siberian Huskies down the hill - truly an experience you'll never forget. Don't forget to Snapchat yourself making a snow angel before you leave!

Day 4 - Yarra Valley & Mount Dandenong

Still reeling from yesterday's subzero weather? We'll get you warm by driving you to Yarra Valley. It is famed for its vineyards, where you can try a sip and then some. Yarra Valley's Chocolaterie is also located nearby, where you can buy some sweet confectionery for your loved ones back home.

We'll continue today's trip by going to Mount Dandenong. Have a breathtaking view of Melbourne's skyline here, accompanied by a slice of piping hot meat pie.

Day 5 - Great Ocean Road

You've seen the mountainous ranges, but have you seen what Australia's coasts have to offer?

The Great Ocean Road is a 240km long drive, with the spectacular view of cliffs along the Bass Strait. Stop at the Twelve Apostles, a series of eroded stacks of rock in the area. The landscape at Loch Ard Gorge is not to be missed either. Check with your driver for the best phototaking spots along the road - there's just too many of them to be listed here!

Day 6 - Sovereign Hills, Ballarat

After 5 days here in Melbourne, you'll start asking, "Why would people want to come from far away to live in Melbourne?"

Money makes the world go round. This was especially true in 1851, where gold were first found in Ballarat. Here, you will travel in time to the late 19th Century, interacting with what the colony of Victoria looked like back then. Experience digging in the gold mines of Sovereign Hill. Or, if you think the life of a miner is not for you, catch a horse-drawn coach to inspect the site.


Melbourne has a lot more to offer. If you're interested to follow this list, or you think you can draw up a better itinerary than this, do contact us and make your booking now!

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